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Ultimate Christmas Quiz about Christmas Traditions

Ultimate Christmas Quiz about Christmas Traditions

How much do you know about Christmas? Test yourself with the Ultimate Christmas Quiz about Christmas Traditions (in English!)
Qué tanto sabes de las tradiciones de Navidad? Ponte a prueba con este test (en inglés) sobre Navidad en inglés! Primero lee este texto en inglés.

Christmas Traditions. All over the world, people like to decorate their houses and the outsides of their houses with lights and sometimes even statues of Santa Claus, Snowmen and Reindeer. Towns and cities often decorate the streets with lights to celebrate Christmas. Children love to leave glass of milk and a plate of cookies outside, as a snack for Santa on Christmas Eve!

Families often celebrate Christmas together, so they can watch each other open their presents and have traditional Christmas dinner (with turkey) together! Most families have a Christmas tree in their house for Christmas. The decorating of the tree is usually a family occasion, with everyone helping. Christmas takes place on Dec 25h; Christmas Eve is December 24th.

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Empecemos ya!

Let’s start with the Ultimate Christmas Quiz!

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